Family businesses can run at their best when the family behind the business is working together at their best.     If your family business, large or small struggles in any of the areas listed below, I can help.  I’m a family business coach.

Coaching is a powerful technique of inquiry, a modality, different from consulting or counseling.  Coaching allows the client to discover their own solutions. Coaching poses provocative questions in a non-threatening way.  When the client steps out of their own patters and is asked to think about things in a new way, clarity emerges, new perspectives are gained and a wider array and expanded range of options present themselves.

High level executives and CEO’s lean on coaching to do their best thinking and reach their highest potential.  When you’re responsible for the future of your  family’s business and their financial security, don’t you deserve the same kind of support too?


Improving and elevating outcomes by examining systems, procedures and processes, communication, management and leadership styles.


Creating a plan for the next stage of the business lifecycle; growth, next generation leadership development, succession planning, retirement and exit strategy or, a sale and liquidation event.  Then integrating the plan for both the family and the business.


Creating a more powerful business alliance and minimizing decision making hurdles by building rapport, trust and relationships. Hearing and learning of differing perspectives, generational thinking will build alignment and narrow the gaps.  When the power rests in the group the group is more powerful.


Clarifying and defining the business direction and strategies, intermediate goals, objectives and identity.

Identity & Meaning

Who we are is often linked to what we do.  When these two are at odds, they stand in the way of better outcomes. When we see ourselves and our role more objectively new perspectives and a greater range of options appear.

Transitions & Transactions

Change is hard. When family business members are supported by coaching through times of change such as; leadership transition, major investments or transactions, a sale of the business, a liquidating event or even change in family composition, disturbance and anxiety are minimized while resiliency is maximized.