For Leaders of Family Business – Gain Valuable Clarity

Five Weeks of One-on-One Coaching

To effectively solve any problem, you must first accurately define it. This program will allow you to realistically assess your current family business situation and envision what you want your family business situation to look like.  

What you will gain:

  • Deeper understanding of your current family business scenario
  • Insight into your current family business dynamics
  • Opportunity to envision and set goals
  • Identify barriers standing in the way
  • Recommendations and introductions to range of professionals and experts for next steps

There are a lot of family business experts out there, but before you choose one, you need will need real clarity on your problem.  When you first know what to focus on, you can choose the appropriate kind of help for the path forward.

(90 minutes for five weeks of one-on-one coaching via Zoom)

For Advisors to Family Business – See The System

One-on-One Coaching

Working as a trusted family advisor has it’s unique challenges.  Family dynamics and the emotional system can be overwhelming and confusing.  This program relies heavily on Bowen Family Systems Theory to help you “see” the system and dynamics at play without becoming absorbed by it.  When advisors are sucked into the system, the experience an unnecessary level of stress and become less effective.

As an advisor you will:

  • Gain deeper understanding of your client’s family dynamics
  • Grow the ability to observe and identify unhelpful patterns
  • Build stronger leadership skills
  • Develop empathy and understanding of client’s context
  • Build trust and relationship to better serve your clients
  • Enjoy support to remain separate from the clients the emotional system

As trusted advisor to business families, you provide support, but who supports you?  Clients benefit, when those who serve them have their own professional support.

This program will help you develop greater self-awareness, confidence and leadership skills so that your role is less stressful and more effective.

(One-on-one 90 minute coaching sessions on an on-going, as needed basis via Zoom)

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