Help for Couples and Partners Who Work Together

5-Week Program

$ 1250.00


KickStarter for Couples

This program’s focus is to develop skills that enhance and improve their working relationship. Coaching involves inquiry, discussion, exercises and homework. Through which couples gain greater self-awareness, empathy, resilience, capacity, and emotional intelligence.

It all starts with an evaluation to discover their partnering strengths as well as areas for growth. Then we identify the unhelpful patterns that hold them back from being their best at home and at work. Together, we develop new patterns of thinking and behavior. Through this program, couples who work together will learn:

  • New ways to see old problems
  • To familiarize themselves with triggers that impact business success
  • To identify their leadership style, its strengths and weaknesses
  • Tools and practices to build alignment and vision
  • Integrate more productive and efficient business procedures
  • Their business mission

6-Month Program

$ 5800.00


Next Level for Couples

Customized engagements begin with the 5-week KickStarter Program and adds a customized program to build on and improve the areas identified as opportunities for growth. ON site and in person meetings with employees and other stakeholders are included. The program concludes with building a vision and the steps to get there. This work is done through a business systems lens and is intended to improve partnering skills to elevate the workplace vibe, business procedures and the level of customer service and bring joy to the workplace.

Through this program, couples learn all of the above plus: 

  • Celebrate their strengths, using the Clifton Strengths Finder Assessment Test
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities and create accountabilities around them
  • Gain insight and appreciation for their partner and their partnership
  • Define their own vision for the future
  • Imagine a greater range of possibilities, see a way to get unstuck
  • Practical tools to get on the same page and build a common vision
  • Define success as individuals and as business owners

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