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Generational Wealth & Rising Generation Leadership

If the mission is to preserve the family and its wealth, a culture where a wide siblings, cousins, parents, aunts and uncles, can work together despite their unique perspectives, backgrounds and position in the family system. This doesn’t just happen, it requires planning and intentionality. That  means setting the table now by preparing the rising generation for their roles as responsible stewards of the family history, values and wealth.

As a family member, it’s nearly impossible to objectively see the family system and lead the process.  As a family outsider and coach, familiar with best practices, I can provide legacy families support and guidance to prepare rising gen owners, inheritors and leaders for the future.  My work builds alignment across generations for wealth and family longevity.

We Begin With:

  • One on one interviews with each family member
  • A look at what young inheritors face and clarification of that impact
  • An examination of work ethic and entitlement
  • Advancement of listening and communication skills
  • The study of the family genogram and connected emotional transmission process
  • One or more facilitated family meetings

Outcomes You Can Expect:

  • A clearer understanding of what young people face
  • An opportunity to formalize and relay your values, hopes for the future
  • Methods and practices to build intergenerational communication
  • An opportunity to rebuild trust, strengthen relationships, alignment
  • A deeper awareness of identities and their importance
  • Strengthened connections and learning to know one another
  • An opportunity to express and relay to the next generation that which is important

Coaching for families of wealth is highly customized and begins with interviewing each family member. With deeper understanding of the unique family and business structure, a specific plan will be proposed for review and approval. Typically, engagements run at least six months and can span several years.  Pricing is based on family size, the desired scope of work.

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