Help for Business Families Who Work Together

3-Month Program

$ 6,500


KickStarter for Family Business

When families work together there is an extra layer of complexity at the intersection of the family system and the business system. To work together well, the dynamics of each system must be understood and managed with intentionality. The KickStarter Program begins with personal interviews of family members and business stakeholders. Priorities identified, visions expressed and and facilitate discussion that lead to one or more family meetings.

The intention is to strengthen trust through transparency and relationship development. Which, in turn, promotes open conversation, better decision making, planning and strengthened family business unity for the challenges ahead.

Outcomes You Can Expect:

  • Deeper understanding of self and family through Bowen Family Systems work
  • Building and exploring the genogram
  • Clarification of job descriptions, roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities
  • Greater self-awareness and empathy for others through assessments
  • Creating of safe space to elevate transparency
  • Finding alignment toward shared vision
  • Re-establish priorities for the family and the business
  • Build a culture of trust and positive interdependence
  • New insights to move forward and get unstuck
  • Identify purpose and re-focus on the meaning of the family’s business

Custom Programs

$ 3 - 14K


Next Level for Family Business

Upon the completion of the KickStarter, a customized proposal, built on findings, specifics, recommendations and desired outcomes identified by the initial engagement, is prepared for review. Engagements can vary in scope, span or intensity and may involve an expanded group of stakeholders.  Next Level for Family Business is intended to ground the learning developed in the three month program through practice, process and procedures.  It is the practical implementation of Next Level thinking within the family business enterprise

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