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Running your own business is really hard.

Running your family’s business is even harder.

It’s harder because it’s more complex. After all, you are navigating two separate yet interwoven systems, the business system and the family system.

Many family-owned businesses face challenges at some point in their lifecycle.  Business families can get stuck, become overwhelmed or must deal with what seem to be insurmountable obstacles.

Angelika Olsen understands that family-owned businesses are complex systems, not just businesses, but also families. The family emotional dynamics actively impact the business system and vice versa.

Navigating the complex network from within the system is difficult.  Engaging outside help brings new perspective and thus new solutions in difficult areas such as leadership development, process improvements, communication skills, conflict resolution, and succession planning.

Angelika Olsen and her network of colleagues specialize in helping family business owners attain better long-term outcomes for family and family business.

How can you figure out what kind of help your Family Business needs?  There is are a lot of professionals and trusted advisors out there, which one is right for your current situation?

There are a lot of experts out there, how can you choose the right ones?

To engage the right kind of help, you’ll want to be able to some difficult, clarifying questions.


  • What are the goals of your family-owned business?

  • What challenges is your family-owed business facing?

  • What are current strengths and weaknesses?

  • What is most important to your and the rest of the family?

  • What does success look like for your family-owned business?

  • What might be getting in the way?

And because that can be a difficult first step, allow me to help you sort that out.


Angelika will help you to answer these questions and many more.  She will help you develop new perspective to better identify and understand the cause of problems and develop a plan to overcome them, connecting you with other resources as needed.

With 20 plus years experience working in family-owned businesses, and training as a Certified Executive Leadership Coach, she quickly grasps the unique challenges your family faces and uses her proven coaching techniques to help  identify goals and uncover what might be getting in the way.

In every family, there  are norms, beliefs and behaviors that play a significant role in all decision making.  Yet, they may be holding things back, getting in the way of the overall success of your family, the business, its individuals and even its leadership from moving forward in the ideal direction.

Once identified and armed with that kind of clarity, it’s easy to determine what is next and which kind of expert to call upon for the exact kind of help your family business needs.

Family business issues can be so complex that for the best outcome,  you might need a combination of a few different kind of experts to work together as a team.With the right kind of expert support, every family business can reach it’s best potential.

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