Helping family businesses work better.

I’ve been part of a family business all my life and in that time, I’ve learned a lot that can help others. That’s why now, I coach and consult family business owners. Your family business can work better- and it starts by finding the patterns that are holding things back. Family business owners who work with me create a vision of what is possible for their family and their business. Together we map the journey that leads to smoother business operations, stronger business partnerships and better family relationships.

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Is your family business a thriving success?  Is it a source of pride? Does it bring fulfillment and joy?  What if I told you, I can help you make that happen?

Running a family business is harder than running others. Each family business faces its unique challenges; the family factor plays a role, relationships are more critical.  Business decisions are biased by family dynamics. That means there is is a whole layer of complexity that typical business advisors just don’t address. The landscape around family-shared work, assets, wealth and identity require special attention.

I am a leadership and business coach and I focus on serving the unique niche of family owned businesses. I coach the leaders and members of family businesses. Whether a two-person team or a multi-generational enterprise, I help you get unstuck, break out of unhelpful patterns, and work better together, because leaving a family business may not be an option, but changing the way things work is.

If your family business doesn’t feel like it’s thriving, you are not alone. And it might help to know that there are comfortable ways for your family to work better together.  It is possible to strengthen partnerships and build trust while improving business operations or moving toward succession.

I can help. Learn more about when it’s a good time to get family business coaching.

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