With nearly 30 years of insider experience in family business management, ownership, operations, transition and succession, I know it’s a complex environment. Sometimes it feels like there are no solutions. Family businesses face unique challenges and at the same time have amazing potential to reach great heights.

I can help family enterprises, both large and small, build a business powered by their underlying inherent strengths. Interdependence is the basis of family.  Where there is trust, engagement and loyalty, that interdependence becomes a powerful asset.

Each family is unique and each family business has its unique challenges.  When I work with a business family, my position as an objective observer allows me to see the whole system.  That neutral perspective, in combination with my training and background, allows me to help you identify and develop a range of ideas and solutions. Breakthroughs that help your family work better together, become possible.

I received my training and certification in executive coaching from Georgetown University, School of Continuing Studies. I hold a BBA and an MBA, and I am credentialed through the International Coaching Federation at the ACC level. I am trained in Adult Development, Leadership Coaching and Bowen Family Systems Theory. I am a member of the Purposeful Planning Institute and stay updated on industry best practices for family business and generational wealth.

You can reach me by email at Angelika@nullAngelikaOlsen.com, or if you prefer to start with a call, please schedule a confidential discussion with me via my appointment calendar here: calendly.com/AngelikaOlsen

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“When my parents died, they left their business to my siblings and me. I presumed we would work together as a family. But I had no idea that latent resentment, the skewed sense of entitlement and downright greed would make that impossible. The battles have been ugly, and the chain of torn relationships are heart-breaking. Angelika has played a major role in helping me to repair the damage done to my soul. Her poignant questions which dig straight down to the crux of the matter, bring a clarity and understanding that have helped me to find peace, to let go and move forward.”

The Second Youngest Family Member

“You hear about families fighting over their inheritance, and you think, ‘That won’t happen to us, our family is different.’ My parents would be horrified if they knew shady tactics my brothers engaged for their own gain. Had we had Angelika’s professional coaching to lead us all through those difficult discussion while my folks were still with us, it could have prevented the legal battles that ensued. We’d have had their principles guiding us to work better together. Instead, I’ve lost my parents and my siblings too.”

The One Female Inheritor Among Five Siblings

I’ve known Angelika for many years and have had the pleasure of working with her in the last few. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, that makes her a valuable resource in the often-overlooked realm of family business.


Portland, OR