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It doesn’t matter whether you are working with your best friend, your parents, your siblings or your spouse, working together can be challenging. Things can be rolling along just fine and then suddenly a minor detail sparks disagreement. Whenever that happens it impacts the  relationship. It can affect our work and spill over into our lives. Over time, what can feel like transgressions stack and fixing it gets harder. Most of us have experienced it in our own lives. As a copreneur your business’ success depends largely on the relationship with your partner. That’s why giving the relationship the attention it deserves is more than a good idea, it’s a wise business strategy.


What’s Wrong With Compromise

When my husband and I became a copreneur couple, we knew one another well. But, it wasn’t well enough to prepare us for the many bumps we encountered. We soon learned that our disagreements stemmed from our vastly differing perspectives. Our unique backgrounds led us to different decisions. Yet, when there is disagreement in coupledom, one person is generally more willing to compromise. Over time, that’s not a healthy pattern, nor is it likely to reach the best solution. Both can derail the business and keep the relationship from thriving. 


The Solution is Simple

As a coach for copreneurs and families in business together, I help my clients through this dilemma by helping them develop one very simple strategy:  Get to know yourself and each other better. With deeper understanding, we can unravel the mysteries of our own and each other’s way of thinking and reactions. 

You’re likely asking “How do I get to know myself and my partner better?”  The answer is simple: get curious in your day to day interactions. The key is not to wait for a conflict to arise before you get curious. Here’s how to do that:

Ask More Questions.  “Why do you see it that way? What makes you believe that is a better option than this one?  Where does this idea stem from?  Have you tried this before?  How did that go?”  All good questions that will uncover more depth. This mode of discovery allows both the speaker and the listener to probe deeper and reveal new answers.
Let Go of Being Right. The best ideas emerge from the gray areas; the ones we never even explore if we insist on clinging to what we think we know. Simple thinking leads to polarity based thinking: good or bad, black or white, right or wrong.  Making room for collaboration and partnership requires letting go of the emotional need to be right.
Notice Triggering Events:  When an incident stirs strong emotion, the reaction can be both inappropriate and unproductive. Most of us have experienced overwhelming anger or fear disproportionate to the events that led to it. Getting curious about your own and your partner’s triggers, learning what’s behind them, can teach you alot about yourself and each other. The things that spur emotion are important things, don’t push them aside.

Curiosity Leads to Greater Outcomes

When you engage the tactics I’ve outlined above and can coach you through, you’ll discover more about yourself and each other and with that, new ideas and perspectives will emerge. With this broader view comes a broader range of options that will likely result in a better overall solution. Most importantly, you will have deepened the relationship with your partner at both work and home. When done with curiosity, day-to-day business problems become opportunities to build trust and enthusiasm for the partnership.


Coaching for Better Understanding

When coaching copreneurs and families who work together, I use assessments and personality tests that are designed to help identify your strengths and characteristics. The resulting discussions bring insight and lead to greater self-awareness that builds self-awareness and at the same time, get to know each other better. Coaching for copreneurs can take your business and your relationship to the next level.

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